Early Double Helix

Labour build
July 1966 rehousing project
no rats in the south west miles
she cleaned for a saviour
inspector’s anxieties, anticipations
Plant moved around the new wood smell
a photograph, four humans and one animal, not inclusive, we breathed the same air
ignorance killed a hibernating tortoise
typhoon came and went
schools hired zealots to destroy
News jotters recorded floods, strikes, power cuts, candles, the invisible bike
walked alone, then Pollock weekends with dog gangs
no fire for the Green Goddess, shouting News boys at midnight
cold chapel, good trousers, no communion, sweets, middens, long back-green grass, canary yellow British Railway van
Arthur Montfort dragged us through tedium, food under polystyrene tiles, beside woodgrain wallpaper doors
thought he had Black Death, refused the elevator, we carried paint pots before Travolta stole the style
his comic effect, Fr. Daley killer grab, unconcerned soul and shoplifter
graffiti cells led to melting ice-cream

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3 Responses to Early Double Helix

  1. Reblogged this on Charlie Zero The Poet and commented:
    This is good poetry at its best

    Liked by 1 person

  2. marley raine says:

    “ignorance killed a hibernating tortoise”

    “we carried paint pots before Travolta stole the style”

    Love those, especially.


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