Thought Oxford

Swarm Oxford, tightly balanced winding walls for inexact multitude divided by damp bedrooms times money
In divvied-up terraces, topless model charcoal drawings on top of extended habitats, feral cats ate leftover plants growing between the best bicycle tyres
A diminutive secretive serial killer cleaned the supermarket’s floor, stole whisky drink until the end, our nodding terms ended too
Her boyfriend’s handsome examined, the paper worm’s love child was born before she’d finished ‘War and Peace’
In the basement with grey mice, a fat and kind ugly vicar’s daughter missed the very flat land, while the heavy footed cardigan genius with the ways of a shaking soul sat on a black chair with his Dickens expertise, lapped a hot recipe guide-book, talked about his unwanted barley, beans, oats and herring
Top floor toilet’s light bulb spoke in ‘drunken janitor’, he always promised all of us he’d be our better, once a painter, once a decorator, direct descendent of Robert and Bruce
Till-trained white-haired pantomime understudy from a coached marriage and a home for card cheats was no competition for lingerie Jane
Jane tasted Goose, Christmas in the Cotswolds, but wished she’d been born a man, that never-ending narrative licked her, felt her up, rode up and down her blood supply, made madness for clever commoners cleaning oak for Eights
Sunday, a weight of display books fell through windows, glass hit gunslinger holding-up, tall necked women heading soon for the Midlands, but beauty had gone to Manchester
Evening time with the richest boy, he had a nuclear scientist for a male parent, and he had an au pair on his knee, in his zips, in the dark, shouted out to his Welsh visitor – ‘You know nothing bare-backed riding gipsy boy!’
Six days, not seven, market butchers hung up dead rabbits, for children, besides this, rare postcards sold in their thousands, appeared on a nuclear scientist’s kitchen cork noticeboard alongside empty clever wine
Oxford’s river bursts its banks, floods to kill the Deer


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