The story
Kerbstones are patched, he corrected wrong thoughts about a long history
White pellets in the black tar, road diamonds
Increasing clean air supply into rubber, choke the asthmatics
Car driving left, he saw it pointing straight, killing him today
He hates the human, he met another one, once, his blue car gave him away, he’d laid logs To form a shape, he was his own creator
Temporary light

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3 Responses to Concrete

  1. smartrachael says:

    This is beautiful. Deeply discomforting, too. I like the fragmentation.

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    • Thanks for your kind comments. When I write, ‘fragmentation’ feels more natural than traditional cohesive sentencing. Occasionally I do try the latter, but mostly always it just doesn’t sit right with me. Feel I understand it less and the impact I’m trying to achieve is diminished somewhat. ‘Discomforting’ seems to be natural ending/theme I revisit constantly.


  2. smartrachael says:

    I always write discomforting stuff, it’s the only way. A resolution feels too sugared where as a shock at the end has a breeze block reassurance. Ha! Fragmentation is something that I’m always very attracted to.

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