Alcatraztic –

Tree bent over, whipped his face, an open red line took off his grin
He kicked the fox until it ran full circle, left to lick its leftover bait
Lucky boy prisoner, another time, another place, he was Untermensch
Took wallets, hatched locks, a one-eyed man under rhododendron blue and green
Dewdrop multiplication, mould odour and colour run, it was launderette to Levis advert
Banks all online, stores chipped and pinned, he was public art, a one-man show, the unarmed robbery museum tour
Blanked out on ideas in a blank screen cinema, Dachau child on a torch-less drive for small change, eating stale footprint popcorn without milk
Outside and not in the 1930’s, when men could throw coins at walls, line up for soup, Progress, get repetitive strain injury from Henry Ford
Not a Quinn Martin Production





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