Those –

I’m in a chair not knowing who they are. Those now passing hospitals, visiting sick patients they know, as sick patients don’t know how sick they are and are about to know it with an added future date. Those waiting on buses that are late and are the last. Those waiting at cash machines for the last of the wages. Those sitting in Departures with hand luggage hoping for heat. Those ending the day at a stranger’s front door. Those dyeing their hair back to an off-brown. Those in a long static queue. Those with heads in ovens. Those looking at pictures of roller skates. Those baking bread out of curiosity and not a necessity. Those eating food out of cardboard and polystyrene. Those sharpening kitchen knives. Those shaving legs, underarms and faces. Those opening car doors. Those in the company of those they dislike. Those dancing and out of step. Those with someone for the second time only. Those revising for their Architectural exams. Those saying to another – ‘The moon landings were faked!’. Those denying they’re drunk. Those climbing stairs because the elevators aren’t working. Those unwrapping a chocolate bar. Those opening a bottle of medication. Those untying shoe laces. Those feeding their dog. Those in their attics. Those folding laundry. Those crossing their legs. Those looking up at the Eiffel Tower. Those in an Aquarium. Those frying bacon. Those drinking bleach. Those learning a second language to increase their options. Those listing goods for sale on the internet. Those buying a horse. Those who’ve just finished reading Jacques Ellul’s ‘The Technological Society’. Those just convinced of the existence of UFOs. Those leaving a Will to those they don’t know.

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2 Responses to Those –

  1. theweavr says:

    A very deep piece, I must say. The way you have summarized everything is excellent. Keep it up! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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