Ex-Communist Manifesto –

Platoon Sergeant Eddie Black, candy shrapnel molars
Tongue dance – in, out, in and out, in and out, dental disco casualty
Split tongue, with a knife, split it in two, into pliers, remove that sweet affliction
Eddie Black, hermit crab candy, discarded shell, necessary times – Howard Hughes toothbrush
Eddie Black, hanging off a ‘Nam’ parachute circa.1970, discovered enemies, no nice candy,
fell out of an aeroplane, intentionally, with intentions, on knees, rise up with cautious feet, forward, commence kick-down
Kicking-in bamboo doors, memories of a common misconception – ‘All people are the same’, he’d read Robert Burns
Eddie Black, willingly, bloodthirsty, and all Vietnam, unsettled minus a desertion, Washington’s yellow  labels
On, long, night and more of it, tricking villagers, treating villagers, Yankee volume lectures, motivational speak
All but two red bacilli untwisted tongues, hospitality in big green helicopters
HQ, the Billet, no reading-out loud his favourite Robert Burns, the Times and the Places in the Psalms, that joyful language, serious scholarship to digest –
‘Communism is a bacterial infection
Bacterial life is here – Bacterial life shall go – Its trick, to mimic and sedate, with religion, compassion, the wrong politics, compromise – Natural to want to rid self of this infection, as your body rids itself of other infections – All good people are one body – All bad people are a virus that has to be killed – To save the better people, eradicate bacterial infection.
Communism is a bacterial infection.’
Beautiful verse for every calibre, pay scale, commitment – gee-up, weigh-down on rogues
Before it, Eddie Black and Wyoming Rodeos, hard, but those days had left for all the day’s heaven – boots, saddles, horse’s leather-work, fifteen hats with memory dents, all those silver-framed photos
Eddie Black, crocodile-skin cowboy boots holding silver spurs.

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