Courting –

House and home, the coming in, courts and judge, repossession, dispossession, a gradualism, emancipation of the soul.
Four days out started with a fifteen minute then a six-minute walk to join the long London queue for a justice seminar.
All waiting, again, and they knew to a human he’s in there, spending time without good feeling.
Their Nuremberg, all the lawyers with one high chair man in black and white, conversations between high heads, middle heads and the lowly.
Offertory presentation, Altar, and none of it matters when the Lives get a turn to turn a hand to economics and penal law
Men with shamefully small totalities, transgender bankrupts, eye-candy and past their sell-by-date females with printed black essays on present unhappiness and errant men, the impregnated with casualties
It ended, all were left to deteriorate further

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