Ms. Stalker –

Orange car psycho stalker, parking-up, side-on, the bare brass sits on the tips of my get-away rural slimmed rid-of them all road
Yesterday, sent to me, a photographed waist down identity, standing firm on the brown reed grass that coveted my shod feet
Since this shadow revelation, my movements are dizzying elite car park CCTV operatives, I’m an ‘Undercover’, because they know one when they see one except this one the civilian one
I’ve a heterosexual ‘she’ ghoul pulling at my belt, and that gladdens my roving mammalian He-eyes, but breaks my concentration, maybe she switches cars, car parks, grass, and Orwell cameras, I take time for right side brain conflict myth
Is their time to forget her, or follow her back to me, certifiable life

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