Confused Berliner –

Things that happen mean something and I’m not familiar with and I’ve never been to Berlin which was decadent and the Germans were ashamed they thought about enclosing it behind wide barbed wire for good but can’t guarantee that which can’t live forever was an old saying in 1920’s Berlin Cabarets were all in the place of Berlin and the race men wanted to run them out of Berlin but the rats could run faster than the Cabaret owners it was said and cigarettes were banned and every one was duty bound and lovely to their pets tea dances on board boats on Spree Havel Elbe and their sounding cousins were filmed by Eva Braun and she left those to posterity there was a fire and the Berliners didn’t have enough communist buckets of water to put it out and the temporary new musical cabaret decanted itself to another place that used to have other types of meetings before these types of meetings were everywhere in Berlin until the Russians came to Berlin and put holes in the roads that led to nowhere then and a lady pilot got to the end of the Berlin Road and she left with a handbag and there was a dead heat before a surrender before Berlin was back on its feet again refugees and immigrants love it there again, Berlin

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  1. amazingly insightful

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