Disco Reception –

Whale song wireless, coming through the loud and clear speakers, dizzying the earwax tonight.
Dancing to bombastic underwater echoes, mean-streak meandering across a laminate floor, just missing a rug-slip by one inch, that hip-sway is too much for one man to handle, needs to take it outside
Open air dance warfare! Locking hip-joints in tight trousers, cocktail glasses, frosted lips, clang! Clink! Summer’s dark-light, Humpback, Beluga and Blues and …., clubbing together, blow-holes spurt cover-song over the off-white hotel marquee
A fat guy with a once in a while white suit takes a wine list to task, TV producers get choices with fluids, and his hip-sway, all going the wrong way, no one could get on top of his groove, a man in the offbeat, a man in the off-time
Girls in long dresses, tight G-strings, a measuring stick on the Bar, there it sits for any man, a width-stick for a night’s chances, and it got busy when the hips-sway was getting crunchy
Elevators shunted, stopped with the oiled at all floors, as high as the seventh, and the ugly people were left to tramp on stairs

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