Janitor –

He was the outdoors Janitor, drunken waste bin emptier
Hard concentration on blow-about litter, little on his footsteps, could fall over into old default feeling – ‘habitual misery’, his to do with as he saw fit
Once held some waged-slavery of important proportions, how he loved that Abe Lincoln turn of phrase
Had to go around the car park twice an hour, check concrete, gravel sides, grassy knolls, for paper, for foil, any lost sterling, for Hope
‘Bothy’ taps to hand, soft porn adornments for a cheer-up, the harder, more difficult, prevailing bad mood, hot drinks in five minutes, cheese hardening in a microwave, second-hand mobile for wonderful update, on-line dating – the all new ‘non-organic’ way (“what?!”) for company, predators, to follow
He was all man-size, proportions dipped in ‘San Izal’, expensive razor blades for a deeper cut, dust off the lid, lotion onto cheeks, then ‘Her’
Grog and Gin, growing smiles, swimming a backstroke in a proof positive public consensus – ‘Drunk again’!
Outdoors Janitor, indoors, in Love

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