Stuttering Martin –

Stuttering Martin and TWOC
My car, crashed into his favourite Bar, his three reverse moves on the house, left all the patron drinks crying out for medical attention
His speech therapist had broken it off, she was going solo, he said, she said, he was a convincing liar with an unconvincing stutter
Martin had mouthed something at me, then, but I couldn’t get it from him not getting it out as a memorable one-liner, he’d left some of it behind as the car hit the high notes
Telephone tom-toms beat cops to attention, soon, stuttering Martin was stuck for any words to give a cop with a choice of historically non-jamming firearms
My car, without Martin, is back, can be viewed from my quite high window, and Martin, lived somewhere too, threw himself out of his own even higher window, and as he dropped towards his audience he stuttered something about ‘Life’.

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