Look up –

Met indefinite indifference, and we kept them, so we cared less about the more they cared next door
We kept two steps ahead of the robot’s rest home, always, and now, not making up ‘important’, now no lists, no love-sick, no sick love
‘Forever and a day’ was the given lie, to us and all, for us and all, no use, for us and all, it was non-consensual science fiction
The Galapagos finches beaks, and Hitler’s bedsit mice, the important science actual, it’s all we needed to know, need to know, all we should have been told
I took you onto a rooftop terrace, and we looked up at stars and sky, but our collective neck pain eliminated some of the constant brighter view, but it’s there
Descended, undressed between beds, kissed our lines.

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