Bless them All –

Bless the man who lit my cigarette
Bless my pals for wiping the bottle clean of phlegm
Bless the passing cars that dip their headlamps
Bless the aeroplane pilots who switch their engines to silent
Bless the priest who blessed my life when I slept in his chapel doorway eating his bread
Bless the dog that follows me around not barking
Bless the coffee shop’s back door
Bless the contract breaking fast food workers on minimum wage
Bless the non-English speaking night shift workers all around me
Bless the woman who had me ejected from that bus, it crashed ten minutes later
Bless the cop who didn’t arrest me, but gave me an escort to see my Vietnam medals, again
Bless the Government for including me in several versions of their statistics
Bless the NFL for thinking of me on Sundays
Bless MLB for keeping America safe
Bless Steven Spielberg for ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’
Bless the Planet for saving the Whale, I give one buck a month
Bless the morning birdsong
Bless the old woman who sang to me, touched my face
Bless the old man who eulogized me

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