Scared of –

Scared all my life, of
some men
some women
men with black hairy arms
women with false teeth
men and women armed with domestic appliance weaponry

Scared all my life, of
men with power tailoring
women in power suits
men with jackets over their chairs
women wearing theirs
men and women with big desks and smaller and smaller I.T. at their fingertips

Scared all my life, of
men with height
women with tight uplifting cleavage and a score to settle
men without a hobby
women without a used kitchen
men and women with a fast walking pace pulling clean luggage on wheels

Scared all my life, of
men with a full head of short neat left side-parted grey hair
women with a blouse cuff holding back one slim silver bangle
men who are always clean-shaven
women where it’s suggested
men and women who shed single tears at children’s funerals

Scared all my life, of
men who willingly play golf
women in their mid-forties who referee netball matches
men who don’t have a dog
women who don’t have a cat
men and women who know the name of Business Press cartoonists

Scared all my life, of
men who can spell ‘Reich’
women who don’t eat in front of you
men who have private car registration plates with the number ‘6’ in them
women who’ve tried to spell-out their first name on one, but failed
men and women who don’t like me

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