Money worries –

Me and the same mistakes more than once
Got job, bought house, lost job, lost house
Needed money
Got job, bought another house, lost another house, still had the new job
Economy not working for me despite the Donkey and the Elephant
Still needed money
Got another job, two jobs, rented apartment, got evicted
Still needed money
Pals and pull-downs
Still needed money
Couldn’t get a third job, clocks had spun their fifteen hours and my eyes had fallen off
Still needed money
Phoned one ex-wife, our disconnection continued
Still needed money
“Dad!” has no money, I’m only one devout son, another got there before me
Still needed money
Married a rich widow, taught her to play chess, deliberately exhausted her, she left all her money to her cats
Still needed money
Faked own death, grieved as only an estranged brother can, should have stayed away from public places, we weren’t twins.

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