Wedding Photo –

Wedding Photo, twenty-five years ago, a Celebration
From left to right –
He’s alive, somewhere, married to the woman standing next to him
She’s alive somewhere, holding their two children, they don’t age in my memory
He’s dead, cause unknown
She’s alive, three husbands later, seven children looser
He’s alive, a psychologist with mental health problems
She’s alive, somewhere, was married to the Psychologist, she was Church of England, he Jewish, and we were there, got to the Church on time, saw the signs of disharmony with hymns
He’s alive, School Teacher, living the dream
She’s alive, Marketing
He’s alive, a wealthy and weary Mathematician
She’s alive, living as a Sociologist, with the Mathematician and a Mathematician’s child, who may grow old hating numbers
She’s alive, with a man who’s not in the photo, who we didn’t know existed then, and she’s wealthy, spends a lot of time on aeroplanes, Chicago, Italy, and Holland so far this month
She’s alive
He’s alive, just
He’s alive, ‘Psycho’ is an understatement
She’s still alive, surprisingly, because it’s happening in the same house as the Psycho
She’s alive, one bum husband, three children, lots of worry
The photographer is very likely dead
We’re alive

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One Response to Wedding Photo –

  1. Barry Comer says:

    Well, that’s one big ball of wax sir.


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