Revisionist Historian Death Camp Tour Guide on Prozac –

Hello, I’ll be your “Death Camp” Tour Guide
Line-up here
You can’t drink those beers
People lose focus when offered swastika balloons for children
The Nazis, saddening by the hour, and Hitler dictated to his secretary
Upon these walls, combination safes, hidden codes, is it all a conspiracy
Now, walking you through the vegetable garden, here, many grateful people enjoyed horticulture, some leisure time before a chamber orchestra recital, but, piled-up shoes and suitcases getting in the way, spoiling the view of a chamber orchestra, but, Front Row to Circle, gold teeth for an encore
VIP Transporter Room, above your heads, one-way holes with other heads peering down at not very neat piles of Jews, 175’rs, those on first name terms with a God, others and other others, there’s a list somewhere, in a combination safe, if there isn’t, it’s a conspiracy
1940’s, British RAF flew over a tidy sight, took snaps for their albums, horticulturists and musicians sent up waves, but smoke from innovative central heating system hampered visibility, the grateful people were surprised at the British lack of manners, because all had read PG Wodehouse
Eventually, Holocaust Holiday Season came to a bitter-end, much to the chagrin of many grateful people
The Board of Directors were re-directed, and the CEO, Hitler, was fired
Thank you for the tips
I’m always happy working here, with you
You’re welcome

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One Response to Revisionist Historian Death Camp Tour Guide on Prozac –

  1. Barry Comer says:

    I was trying to be offended, but no dice.
    Damn hysterical


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