Bridget and the ‘Black Help’ –

Bridget has a urine wash, the bladder blows, wet saddle-sore setting-in, coarse vaginal lips turning crisp red
L.A. lives with her, she was the Irish-named ‘Top-Man’ once, the hated and evaluated ‘Bridget The Great’, smelling corporate dinners, gymnast hands balancing crystal Vol-au-Vents, having younger men on expensive tables, beds
Then, Bridget playing pool with W.C. Fields, his act, but before champagne or gin, a calendar of drunken months without the drink-drip
Not a science girl and never met Stephen Hawking, read his universal truth, the chaos lent to diseased kings and queens, unused hypothesis
Then, she starts to slide down her big leather chair, a spittle mouth in a high insurance ambulance, cancelled-out while away, Business as usual
Bridget was ‘lonely in a big house’ – ‘subjective’, no visitors, talk, high price idle phones, and the Gigolos can’t stomach her flattened white carcass, but technology puts the virtual in the cortex, self harming masturbation, always the person-hater – ‘wet-backs, wops and wogs’
Bridget reading
‘A Brief History of Time’ until another woman enters, a Black Help’ removes the silence, now we have her begin-days of toilet paper gloves on a Black hand wiping a White woman
‘Saving Bridget’, Bridget idles away on her ‘now and then’, those lobby and parking-lot tips and tips to the ‘wet-backs, wops and wogs’
Sunday, and the ‘Black Help’ prayed and a ‘happy-clappy’ church brigade said out loud – ‘Oh Negro, Oh Simon of Cyrene, kiss Bridget’s forehead.’
Simple Simon of Cyrene – “was passing on his way in from the country, and they forced him to carry the cross. 
They brought Jesus to the place called Golgotha (which means ‘the place of the skull’).”
Miracles and Bridget, the Irish understood enough to build Skellig Michael

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One Response to Bridget and the ‘Black Help’ –

  1. Kind of got bits and pieces of it since it’s quite deep. Gg man


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