She –

She was a Double-D barefoot driver waving a Cop Car down.
Cops save, Cops want to serve and protect, and Cops are mostly men.
She pulled a water pistol, started to spray cold jets, Cops started to sweat, drip onto patent leather shoes.
She stopped, then started, again, and again, got very close, cleaned Cop’s windscreen.
She was doing Illegal, but, flies and other debris now gone, a crystal-clear view returned, Cops busy looking at her ass, looking clever.
No arrest, outstanding warrants, or fines, smiles all around, except –
She pulled a baseball bat, pivoted one-eighty on her ballerina toes, smashed Cop Car’s windscreen.
Cops stranded, machismo moments last, can get a revisit, and ‘She’ drove away the victor.

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