Saving the Planet with a Pack of Wolves –

Ate a butterfly to save the Planet, its colourful 3-D wingspan took a lot of looking after, humanity given grace and favour when it rested like strange powdered dust between two slices of bread.
Energy in ‘Project Action’, and rifle-ready, killed a Moose after a long stare, then breath left its heart, I left it rotting and waited for the Wolves to rise up.
They came, noses first, slowly second, rushed the dead meat, then we fell in love, joined the Pack, living wild with the ones who run and howl.
Filthy and clean are bourgeois constructs, forgotten all about that once unknown powerful carbon now, that fallacy, that communist lie, that infiltration into here when the Berlin Wall fell, that fatal poison on my golden prairies and meadows.
Farm machinery rots through its red paint in sunset soaked Middle America, and continued progress with the Sisterhood.
Nuclear Armageddon was JFK’s and Castro’s plaything, I took the fight to the Enemy without spies and memos when I walked through a precious door.
Me and my Wolves on stilts, we hushed each other, we deregulated this hallowed place, this famous library, burned its books, the conspiracy theories, and the pornography, all ash, and carbon dust for the Planet.
Carried on, carried up, carried onwards through a City of bleeding hearts and lifeless minds, and treeless streets, and stony ground, and only the Hookers were brave enough to pick some of those up and throw hard to keep us away from there.  Salute the Prostitutes! Those Holy women from the Bible – ‘At least they get paid for their flesh, unlike the sluts who give it away for free.’
Clouds form wherever they will, no retreat from new beginnings with a Pack of Wolves.

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2 Responses to Saving the Planet with a Pack of Wolves –

  1. Vice says:

    Damn right


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