Monkey Business –

Bought a monkey from a Man, his Christian name went by me, going to suppose he follows the Cross.
Hamilton the Gangster, there it was, not very straight scar lines across his Back – “Hamilton”; it strayed off that page of flesh.
Back to a man’s monkey business.
We’re housebound together, haven’t married, yet, State Legislature working on that dream for two.
A brave, bold Governor recognises the ‘all the same’ in man and woman living together, in man and monkey in the same room; at his prayer breakfast, thanked God for Evolution.
I get hate mail –
“A fucken Monkey!”
“Are you fucken mad!?”
“Go back to Europe!”

No, mad, yes believe, and yes dream, yes equality, yes species deciding on a life they want.
That monkey came to me in a black and white dream.  She wants to marry.
On the porch for that more or less done lawful deal, free movement of species between marriages.
My ex-wives spoke to Press –
“He was a monkey lover, zoo days out, spider monkey boredom, banana-smelling bedroom.”
Hate mail day, again –
“Cannot support campaign to marry monkey-STOP.
Transgender Species-Awareness Marriage Sub-Committee- ‘monkey is male’-STOP.
Cannot support marriage proposal-STOP.
Cannot be laughing stock-STOP.
Man and male monkey not meaningful relationship-STOP.
Please look for female monkey or other human being- STOP.”
Phoned Animal Control, pest invasion, vermin, bring gas. Stop.

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