Gay Texas Bikers

Perhaps so, all a lie, we saw what they saw when they knew something else. Big beards, sheet-metal shaped motorbikes, male-only dance routines in full swing around the Mall fountain. Two men, their rivalry left behind in sweet-water, denim men leaving motorcycles leaning on fresh-air bricks, leather magicians turning tricks in a Men’s Room. An each other thing, outlaw metamorphosis, denim-clad groping with Oscar Wilde vigour. Hatching cowboy plans the Texas Ranger way, cops, enemies of cops, met eye-to-eye, faggots defecating on our bright Lone Star, our Yellow Rose, what a Homo-fucken-thon. Countdown in Galveston; Open up, scattered, fell, the ultimate day for lonely heart men with bikes. And back to the way it was, State Honour.

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