SETI and the Buddhists offering no help –

Madness and bigger Uber-madnesses, how can it and you keep going on and on in this way, the hell and the hellish weather on your green-screen, you never get any good parts.
Work to work and back again, that’s a trip into a lunatic’s wet dream, flowers placed on a bedside cabinet to keep the ignorant from recovery.
No straight thinking, no outside or even inside talk possible any more, you know it, and I know it.
All going around in squares, and that’s a shape disproportionate to any calm living experience orange-clad baldy-Buddhists would recognise, and charge you for experiencing.
Time to be the Outlaw and empty the bank, first, mop up the vomit of forget-me-nots.
That alarm clock technology advances with motives that stay the same, but hard shells were thrown off about half way through our well-documented and irrefutable Evolution, so you can’t hide anywhere in here now.
Have to find a new Planet that’ll take a man with your sort of mental disease, that’s a deep problem Man!  SETI closed down yesterday, so you’re on your own riding those big dishes, but it’s the only way out of here.
Movies showing how it’ll be, how it could have been for the people like you, me.
Don’t believe, just eat the junk, laugh aloud then leave it all alone and wait for Gabriel.

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