Ageing fast –

Embryo splashdown onto a maternity nurse’s apron, baby mess, incubator, resuscitated.
Two hands and two left feet, dancing will always be out of the question, a noise from the long grass, in wonder at where everyone else is, rips into hanging cochlea.
Out and about and getting taller, eating and drinking, ways and means through strange supplies, they came from God or a Comet that killed the Dinosaurs.
No more height topping since 51, upright forever and mating and mating over and over again, all disease free.
Execution of ‘duty’, money came and went to other’s crimes, hopes and dreams are for morons who believe in Christmas trees and magic wands, and Las Vegas is a blessing by the Church of Italians.
Salamanders slide along hot Texas slabs, and a grey haired arm with a limp wrist bends a hand that lifts lemonade to lips, dribbles and sugar draw in any flying insects out house hunting, and an ambulance comes here to lift and separate an old grey pot belly into the recovery position.
Old man splashdown onto a Consultant’s clean white shirt and confederate flag tie, a choking response then, sounded like “how long?”, then, something there to see him die, beforehand, it did a visitor’s fly-past of the Consultant’s given gifts, and he’d better not forget it, here was God riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex bareback and side-saddle, just like a woman.

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