The wife beater’s defence –

She had a good read from Eric Fromm after a good beating from Mike.
Eric knew Mike’s mind, and Mike knew all 7/11 opening hours were a conspiracy against midnight thirsts, obviously.
The Marquis de Sade invented ‘Sadism’, Eric knew Mike hadn’t read page sixty, was a bubbling baby with fading tattoos, hard skin knuckle rides and unwanted spots of back hair.
She often befriended her human body miracle against its unwanted demolitions and excavations, and in idea, wrote to Eric with some nice photography – ‘my last demolition.’
Eric, with old-fashioned freehand ink-stain wrapped-up and underlined chapter two, ‘addendum’- ‘911’.
Mike, with the elementary head and the reading-age of his youngest illegitimate, had Eric’s Postal’s on eBay before his favourite 7/11 replaced ‘his’ see-through window, $17.68 later, then six-pack succour and oval balls flying at him in HD.
Then Mike’s legs ran out of options and 7/11 ‘welcome backs!’, so ‘She’ knew what was coming, a Cop who’d read Eric Fromm.

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