American crime-fighting for foreigners – Problems in America, maybe now or never …

Problems in America, maybe now or never –‘forever and ever and ever and ever, you’ll be the one!’, – setting Son on Sons,
Foreigners went there, built it up, now they can’t keep up, demographics don’t lie,
Policeman gets the book out, writes the book on Crime – ‘Public Relations and Public Retaliations’,
Policewoman turned on ‘Da’ police car stereo, and The Clash sang – ‘My Daddy was a Bank Robber, but he didn’t hurt nobody, he just loved to live that way, and he loved to steal your money.’
Sisters in ‘The Hood’ thumping, bumping, dumping bodies off police car hood, it’s allowed and loud crime fighting, – ‘Philosopher Mayor Rudy Giuliani I love you!’
Back home to think about this and that and all of it, found out shooting ranges doing good business, Prison Stock getting higher and higher, and Death Penalties good for Headlines, bad for growth,
Where are those TV places on that Bald Eagle Continent?, places baptised in the name of the Father British, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Irish, Jewish, and all those Scandinavians,
Zero nomenclature from Africans, where’s their ‘Home from Home’,
It was an an Indian with lots to offer, he started all this, we accepted, took, showed our gratitude, gave them Baseball, beats Football as the Real American Way,
Immigrant ancestor’s subscriptions to Fox News and The New York Times, covering angles, mitigating truths, loving the freedom, and police officers covering three shifts.


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