The end of our World – Never end with a riot; it can get messy. …

Never end with a riot; it can get messy.
Breaking rules for rainbows gives confused things the Wander.
‘Warned!’, ‘Told!’  – A careful head start, cover all bets, protects you from Anarcho-Syndicalism, What (?)
News-watch on repeat, again.
Signs arriving, prayers coming out and going up.
Traffic lights re-timed, letting fleers flee from all those ‘Rapture’ scams, and Heathens made their own arrangements.
Wall Street ran out of stock, flashboards a dull history, electricity only powering traffic lights now, and no Cook in The Hamptons since last week.
Left pets, dogs ate other dogs, cats avoided dog-eat-dog, and goldfish evolved fast, orange legs on sand when water went.
Starvation not just for ‘The Black Babies’ now, fluid oozing everywhere like a failed soda marketing campaign, and they couldn’t, but we can, ate dried pet food until we stole something else, so many Ten Commandments ‘out the window.’
God Bless America!  – “Mr. President finds a can opener and a can of tuna.”
Emotionally content now, our faith growing expeditiously, love for our country back where it belongs, head and heart, pits of our stomachs.
Have to come up with new flag soon; Debate, ‘No’ and very ‘No!’, run out of ideas, and still getting thin, then MIT came in loud and clear – “Noam Chomsky rises from the Rubble.”


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