It was a true love – Break-ins and sittings on your bed-edge, …

Break-ins and sittings on your bed-edge,
Cabinet perfumes, dripped those thick fluids behind my ears for continuity,
Ejaculated into private places, your shower towel rubs my body into yours,
From Me, a fear for my bright thoughts of you, and a flowers sign for your door not to be given, you’re not ready yet.
Then comes that time for change, now, and to be continued,
Just there, and inches away, walking behind your perfect head, angled body, smelling your shampoo hair, astounded Me forever in this one perfect summer,
Vain glory ends in an obvious oblivion,
Looking up again at that Tower for long hair, I will live for you in there,
A rope to a working noose, a hanging love for you to see,
You and your door, opened to an astounding glory for love and agony,
‘Stranger Suicide in Actress’s Apartment Mystery’

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