Joe and Magda – Joe and Magda spoon-fed their six children, …

Joe and Magda spoon-fed their six children, last family meal was a main course of singsong, dessert was poison, and then their food went cold.
Magda had sung a lullaby – ‘I can’t live in a world without Adolf, I can’t live without his special ways, and I can’t live without him making everything better’ – Joe hummed along, then washed-up.
Asking children what they would like, never the way for Joe and Magda, ‘Kinder’, just like ‘Das Juden’, the forever seen and not heard, hopefully, ultimately.
Joe was miserable in the nineteen twenties, so after he saw, heard, he joined, and rose, nearly lost the plot with Berlin, jumped ship soon enough and saved his own day.
Joe limped around new German lands, making movies with people acting the part, except in that one about the sinking ship, Bravo! Herbert Selpin, played the Titanic to perfection, going down quickly after the event.
Diary keeping and movie Extras kept Joe awake at night, Magda stayed awake listening for ‘Limping Joe’ coming home from a day’s undressed rehearsals, and the Clinic didn’t keep records.
Joe kept writing, time came to re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, the new found love of the Old Brown Shirts – War as Feng Shui.
The Removal Men had finished removing millions, time to pack Joe and Magda away.
Bunker days, then Bunker weeks, a few Bunker months – ‘Call the Doctor, we’re getting out of here, you can take your gold pin badge with you Dear’ – Pistol-whip our selves outside, earshot bangs and smoke.

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