You never knew Saint Francis of Assisi – Walked away from a broken car, …

Walked away from a broken car, feet planted, crossed a broken road
Lapsed concentration holding hands with you holding hands with the ‘scum’ on the street
No money banked, taken, stolen over clock time and ten years on
Crime calling for relief, release, small successes, it’s broken hearts feeding your ‘Broken’
Years served and eaten again, a new face with deep lines, white shrapnel falling out of your mouth, you’re rotting upwards, rotting downwards
Beautiful women turn away and the men over there stare with stiffened arms pointing out
And the Moon shines on your rag back lying in the dark with others lying in the dark
Tomorrow’s daylight, begging for forgiveness begins, from anywhere, begging for money, from anyone, begins, and Saint Francis of Assisi preached on the soul reaching a perfection in poverty

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