Feminine Feminists – She told me Feminism was Seventies, when women hadn’t heard of ‘women’, …

She told me Feminism was Seventies, when women hadn’t heard of ‘women’, owned like a pagan’s totem
Short memory, maybe spatial awareness deficit too, we’ll wait and see about that, it was alive in the heart of  Eve – ‘Adam, not tonight’
Viva Sex Equality!, and the Pankhurst Dictatorship marched by, rich and proud and laughing at the Women’s Liberation Movement
It was all going on, but the poor Dresses too busy killing their skeletal muscle for Capitalists and newborns, same thing happened again, later, too unworldly, too busy to read the ‘big words’ of Simone De Beauvoir
It’s looking like Women dressed as Men, looking up at clean glass ceilings as men look up their skirts, and there once was a sisterhood struggle – equal pay for poor girly cleaners
Women-hood and the Sisters of Struggle, some ‘better’ than others, some women have women cleaners, waving at cleaners from private plates pulling out of better women drives, waving them away, a woman runs to catch a bus – ‘must clean again’
And the World balances chromosomes, X and Y, maybe both, women are everywhere now, everywhere by half
Where are the women gravediggers

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