Jew – A twelve-triber, gene pool ‘misfit’, once a ‘chosen’ man without an …

A twelve-triber, gene pool ‘misfit’, once a ‘chosen’ man without an ‘own home’, but now, sleeping still, resting old bones in a small starred space on a big planet, this grand-aged man lies under a middle-eastern Abrahamic ivy roof, but still, he hears ‘No!  He shouldn’t be here’, those Hornets would have Saul’s tired old bones stay on the run.
Back to the start, back to arsenic-tasting Europe.
By watch-light, generations and their warnings for a collective Saul, and memories of grey hate and scent of death from epochs grew unforgotten within single Saul.
And biology and life pull hard on young minds, collective Saul ‘forget and live your life’, so many became lost to no belief in a damned history, became an always lost to all of us.
Soon, a New Pure Man walked up to their faces, a staring blood-bat with a bastardized Napoleonic sharp sign and plans, and lesser blood-bats broke their holy glass.
Broken woke the ‘alert’ and the fleet of foot in Saul, made it to safe, but looked back to think, to see how to save.  In sight now, mental men taking those left over, from homes, from streets to that New State’s black camouflage.  Saul’s love had caught his mind and turned his head, stopped, pinned by blood-bats, Saul dragged down into a stinking sulphur gully with the rest.
A devil’s transaction with humankind had landed hard and drew blood inside star settled spaces, and onwards now, from now, hated black dates created.
Now yearly and across once quiet seasons, that Spectre planned, moved with cattle trucks, moved and rolled already half-dead stock along metal teeth into mouths of silent poison, and others to a withering by labour, and death is death when death is not this wanted.
Another silence later, liberation later, not a grotto vision, but a real man came and shone on skeletons dressed in barbed wire stripes, saw Saul’s face pressed in the dirt place, half-blind and with bubble blooded breath in nostrils, lifted onto his flat feet on his pin-bones, Saul was held by a human, Saul was warmed, fed, loved, freed.
Tattoo covered now and a sun-warmed blue sky on a face, Saul had come here to live, forget, and dissolve that still alive past death.
So now, for tears alone, leave this boned and ragged man as he is, let this man be who he wants to be, let this man live with those who see, who know his story without hearing his words, a man called ‘Saul’ left alone.

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