Madness is the winner in Big Land USA

Madness is the winner in Big Land USA, foot stepping the same side-walks in timed hours, to that gate leader and into a smash of sharp tongues in your face.
This helpless and doomed ‘You’ and brain romance, caught in a tangled rewind, stops any gnawing at real food and fills your eyesight with litter.
See this, a journey alone, no one else in there with you, seizing-up with clog, kicking your brain from one end to another, combustible you.
Take the green-backs and leave, with your backpack and your green-backs land square-on somewhere else, 2,800 miles to tramp-on one way, 1,650 another, three million plus to sit in, into futures soon, into new places where no dust settles.
Today is your abandoned town, you left it there, you need ‘You’ alone now, the mood from you now – ‘Crazy Driver’ and a plan to walk a big land mass, so soon now a worn-out mind in worn-out shoes, a mad leather tramp with a strangled gait coming down his invented Atlantic-Pacific, Alaska-Florida roadway.

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