Death’s mine – We’re all wandering the labyrinth of faces in death’s mine. …

Wandering the labyrinth of faces in death’s mine.
Not knowing it, became part of the hawking brigades, headlamps lighting-up the way ahead, flickering lights across the darkness of death’s mine.
Now accustomed to living here, don’t know any other place, though some hope to find another place, a fingertip reach to a shaft aiming upwards to escape to other places believed in.
Male and female, young, the getting older and the old, all kinds of colour and tongue, all in death’s mine.
Some greedy bodies eat diamonds growing in the hard black walls, grow fat on these offerings, while others fall into weakness, die in death’s mine.
Hidden bodies, walled-up bodies along labyrinth walls in death’s mine, black rock cairns marking last places in death’s mine.

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