Supermarket whale meat

Cash sick James Bond nameless man
Flat-path woman enforced, hill-walking stick distract, unused upper-lip wax coupon
Protesting at cars, of a mountain, praised legitimate meek
Her sinless son laughed, uninvited Cleaners were also mothers
These materialist sights
She was a yesterday repeat, conversation one was self, and hate, and hate for his small dog
I aged away in a cheap hat
Him in the middle of thirty, low down in eleven years of metal fatigue, to Manchester-upon-The Irish Sea
All our Futures

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Bending tips in mouths
lone tongues on cold Geo ships
minus the latitude  –  Village of uphill green zoo
International Cubans – blue musk Ulster
scab white scars to England

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From sermons
Else’s over random radio volume mist, unhappy films in weary
earlier echoes pollution, More threatened static
I honour spirits, kill factory worry
Will wants, followers, members, cannibals eat Buddha, All melts
inside a practical furniture room, roses daze Me

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Miller from Dublin

His inverted L
Policeman counter
Vennel New – Vennel Old
American Ambassador’s vomit
They were side-by-side in sixteen’s
killer toxic
cement killed, cement saved
middle part tall in paper
leaving Lord
East in the South
Blackpool fishing memories
King Kong

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Disingenuous meat
frank Annunciations jar
Man versus the Atheists
romance in hands exploded
had things, ridicule, landlords
first, back door stuck on the turquoise iron-cast drain-pipe
second, Mohican Connolly
third, flying ants, groping cornered herbs, cats
laundromat deaf Sundays
Be Poor

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London yourself
Jesuit transcripts
before the stairs
those stairs gave me Material Seal Theory
money keeps getting evil
the piling up
the other people
stop going to bed
stop facing the wall
low volume radio
white desk
towel halved in two
feet and van
fixed positon twenty-four hour street webcam preserving the blue building lights
my skin pulled between the eyes

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It and All

Not sighted
under 100 degrees of orange
old country blues
ugly green and palms background gore
grinning weakling mathematician
where did they get children with beards, grandchildren with teeth
her teeth and gums
I remember them in 1981 when he couldn’t speak to her
she was living on a plastic chair
she was thick with drivelling foam
she was a beautiful knife
at the end of 15 minutes

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He, Nice

There is no New World
spitting distance destructions
lift me living yard crane into a tube for death
so He leaves Key West
crosses roads
cold traffic vex
wandering in angles

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Beeswax tasting woman
knuckleduster sparkle
Sinkhole burning fingers
vegetable waters pink her nails
An animal with nice hair
coloured in ‘hunted tangle free’
Hate with fast food
expired on the know-nothing banging feet thick two
Without a planetary response
deleting men in numbers
Best San Quentin stripper

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Sheltered housing complex with clouded warden
poisoned mushrooms gather at last year’s tarmac
handrails for crumbling palms catch grumbling pigeons
raptor circles roof number two
incident after incident
dog attacks another dog
council cuts hedges for visions of Mary

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